The new Fossari® shotgun is a flawless blend of tradition and technology.
Each component was developed in a scientific and precise manner
to balance the mechanical and physical requirements to ensure superior ballistics and seamless ergonomics. The cutting-edge technological solutions and elegant design make it an exceptional shotgun for competitive shooting.

The recoil-absorbing, oil-resistant rubber recoil pad is manually sanded on each individual stock and is fitted with a hole for the key to pass through to remove the stock from the receiver.

The wood is selected from walnut of superior quality and have a super luxury oil finish, performed manually with a three applications. This finish easily allows a possible repair or a comfortable “modification” of the dimensions strictly required by the shoote.
All the woods of the Fossari® line, whether they are stocks or wood fore-ends, are designed for better ergonomics of use depending on the discipline for which they are intended. All versions can be requested with the XR-STOCK® option, adjustable nose piece, and in many other configurations where these options are standard. All options are available for left-handed shooters

All Fossari® versions feature the super adjustable stock, Futur K6 AM, in sizes S, M and L. The Futur K6 AM is fully adjustable using an innovative recoil absorption system. All structural elements are made with light and high strength alloys.

In the Fossari® models the trigger mechanisms are removable. The operation is easily performed without tools. Simply press the release button located in the upper part of the trigger unit. This simplification of the process, in addition to offering an obvious technical advantage, greatly improves the maintenance phases of the shotgun.
The iron fore-end is provided with numbered interchangeable insert made from special steel. They interchange at the support point between the barrel tenon and the iron fore-end itself allowing the shooter to easily tighten any excess tolerances that arise from high use of the shotgun.
The barrels are produced using special tri-alloy steel and are constructed using the classic bar drilling method – guaranteeing concentricity and strength at the same time. The chambers have long X-CONES® forcing cones, complimenting the internal drilling of the barrels using the new XBORES geometry. This improves the perception of recoil. Internally they are fully chromed to ensure greater durability, resistance to corrosion, and better shot pattern with homogeneous distribution.
All Fossari® versions can be supplied with TECHNICHOKE® HPS90 interchangeable chokes with a length of 90mm / 3.54 Inches. (Internal 70mm / 2.76 Inches) which, with a gentle connection angle, guarantee superior ballistic performance. Eight chokes are available: F – LF – IM – LM – IC – SK – CYL. The shotgun comes with five chokes and the removal key.
An important feature that distinguishes Fossari®’s production is represented by the monolithic action frame made entirely from a single piece of steel worked on a 5-axis CNC. Boss type latches have an oversized locking bolt placed on the center line of the barrel, which guarantees firm lockup over time. For greater strength and reliability, all the essential components of the shotgun are made from forged blocks.
All Fossari® models are born with an interchangeable insert in the breech made of hardened and chromed steel. This ensures maximum durability of the weapon both against wear and against corrosion generated by ammunition gases.
All Fossari® models are manufactured using special trips-alloy steel barrels constructed by drilling from a single bar. The bore and chambers are fully chromed to ensure greater durability and resistance to corrosion. All Fossari® barrels use our XBORES system which utilizes large diameter barrel drilling (bore) which improves steel shot concentration and speed.
All Fossari®, right or left-handed versions, can be requested with XR-STOCK® option (triple Positioning : height, inclination and cast millimetric adjustment). The adjustment plates are fully made with light alloy and have sturdy steel supports to allow maximum strength. Washers of various thicknesses are supplied to define the height block.
On all Fossari® versions the adjustable trigger XR-TRIGGER® can be requested as an option. The movement of the distance of the trigger is facilitated by a button located in the upper part of the trigger mechanism.
Fossari® models feature interchangeable hinge pins adding strategic value to the Fossari® models by increasing serviceability over time.
Action Bodies, Trigger plates, fore-end iron, and extractors are all milled from forged ingots.
High relief checkering, fine-pitched laser with triple grip surfaces.